Vampire Next Door Book Review!

Thanks for the wonderful review, Geekess! 😉

If The Reviews Fit

I’ve been quite some time since I’ve finished a book in one day. I’m so proud of myself, HIGH FIVE MYSELF!

A girl is found beaten, close to death, in the middle of the woods by a hunter. At the hospital the girl is named Jane Doe, due to the fact that she has not identification. Jane was so badly beaten that she was in a coma for weeks. Her physician, Dr. Jack Walker, because attached to Jane Doe. Jack is shocked that one has claimed to know their Jane Doe and with so much damaged done to her he fears that she might not remember anyone if they did come for her.

Sebastian Alexander is looking for “Jane Doe” and will stop at nothing to find her. The local newscasters posted a photo of Jane and Sebastian was relieved that she was alive. Sebastian finds the hospital she’s at…

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