Remember Me Always is on Kindle Scout


So as an update to my last blog post, I am now three days into my Kindle Scout campaign.  I submitted my newest romance novel, Remember Me Always, into the Kindle Scout program.  My campaign started on April 1st, and it will run until May 1st.

My advice for anyone who is interested in submitting a novel to Kindle Scout in the future would be to utilize all of your resources right out of the gate. I did a lot of self-promotion the first day, and my book ended up on the Hot & Trending list.  There are only 20 books on that list, and Kindle Press shows the list on the bottom of every book page and at the top of their homepage.  So they are basically showcasing your book for you, which is a huge plus!!

So how exactly do you self-promote yourself?  If you have an email list, send out an email informing everyone of your campaign.  Tell your friends and family.  Remember that anyone with an Amazon account can nominate you, and every nomination counts!  Post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  Share your promotion in Facebook groups.  Join a Facebook RT team for Twitter.  There are a LOT of ways you can self-promote your campaign, but I will warn you — it is time-consuming!

[[ I recently created a Thunderclap campaign as well. ]]

So how is my Kindle Scout campaign doing so far?  Well, I’ve been in the Hot & Trending list for almost the entire time (save for the first few hours of my campaign on day number one).  As I said in my previous blog post, I think being on the Hot & Trending list is vital to having a successful campaign.

Also, I’ve had hundreds of total page views.  I’m not sure how much the total page views matter.  In my research, I saw that a person with 5,000 views did not get published with Kindle Press, whereas a person who had a little over 1,000 views did.  So as of right now, the total page views are not as important as the Hot & Trending list, in my opinion.

So I’m going to continue doing what I’ve been doing since it seems like it’s working…for now at least!  I’m excited to see how long I can keep on the Hot & Trending list for the rest of my campaign.  More importantly, I’m excited to see if Kindle Scout chooses my book for publication! 😉

If you would like to nominate my book, please go to my campaign page.  Thank you very much for your support, and I hope you enjoyed this blog post.  Below is some information about my novel, Remember Me Always.





Five years ago, I left for college in New York, leaving behind my hometown and my high school sweetheart. I had a plan after I graduated; but somewhere along the way, my train, which was on a one-way trip to happily ever after, somehow got derailed. And so I’m back in Willowbrook, Alabama for one reason and one reason only — to confront Colton Crawford, the guy who broke my heart and a lot of promises. But instead of getting the answers I’m looking for, I only end up with even more questions.

Colton doesn’t remember me, and I suddenly lost the most important person in my life in the blink of an eye. I don’t know if I can win back his heart, but I’m going to try with every fiber of my being to bring Colton back to me.


Everything changed five years ago, and my memory was basically wiped clean. A clean slate was exactly what I needed since I wasn’t able to save my brother in the accident that almost claimed my own life. Bringin’ up the past just makes me realize how much I’ve lost, and so forgettin’ is what gets me through the day. Not wantin’ to remember wasn’t really a problem until a pretty blonde by the name of Penny Preston shows up in my bar demandin’ answers…answers that I can’t give her.

I try to ignore the longin’ in my heart, but it’s almost impossible. Somethin’ keeps drawin’ me back to her…no matter how hard I try to push her away. Even though my brain can’t remember her, my heart just can’t seem to forget.

©Angela Snyder, 2016


Nominate Remember Me Always on Kindle Scout here:



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