Chapter Reveal

Chapter Reveal: Devious

Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology

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Chapter Reveal

When I meet Victoria, it’s not for the first time like she believes.

Victoria doesn’t remember me.

We met years ago when we were children. When we were innocent.

But my innocence and childhood were stolen from me by her father.

And now she’s the key to finally getting my revenge.

I have a plan in place. A simple one.

Make her fall for me, so that I can get back at the man who destroyed my life and murdered my family.

I’ll use her. Take what I want. And not give a single f**k.

But the closer I get to Victoria, the more my old, locked away feelings for her start to resurface and bleed through my dark heart.

And when the moment comes to take my revenge, will I be able to pull the trigger if it means I could ultimately lose her forever?

Chapter One
© Angela Snyder, 2019


I AWAKE WITH a start, my heart threatening to pound out of my chest.  Struggling to catch my breath, I toss back the tangled sheets and sit up in bed.

Even though it’s been thirteen years, I can still smell the smoke, feel it burning my lungs.

Blinking and glancing around at my surroundings, I begin to calm down, my breathing slowly returning to normal.

Another fucking nightmare.

Fuck, I can still hear their screams…even in my dreams.

Swiping a hand down my face, I breathe out a long sigh before glancing at the clock.  It’s only five a.m., but I have a busy day today.

Today is day one of my plan to destroy the man who took everything and everyone I ever loved from me.

Rolling my neck until I hear a satisfying crack, I get out of bed and head for the shower.  My mind wanders as I go through the cleaning ritual.  And even though, once I step back out, I feel clean on the outside, I’ll never be clean on the inside.

There’s a festering, gaping black hole where my heart should be.

But it wasn’t always so.  My mother always told me I had a heart of gold.  But things changed when she was taken from me at such a young age.  I became a hardened version of myself.

I became someone else entirely.

The boy that existed back then is not the man I ultimately became.  No, that boy died right along with the rest of his family that night.

I’ve worked with the hardest, dirtiest criminals in the seedy underbelly of New York City to amass my fortune.  It took me years to get to where I am now.  Everything has led up to this point, and I can feel the anticipation rolling off of me in waves under the stream of water.

After stepping out of the shower and toweling off, I brush my teeth and rinse with mouthwash.  Then, I take my time styling my hair, which is longer on top and shaved closer on the sides.  And finally, I dress in an impeccable three-piece suit that was tailored to fit my body.

When I glance into the mirror, I try to see what she ultimately will today.

Will she think I’m a rich businessman?

Will she find me attractive?

Will she want me to take her out on a date?

I need the answer to be yes to all of those questions, because I plan on seducing Victoria Ciccone.  She is simply step one in the grand scheme of things.

I have a plan in place.  A simple one.

Make her fall for me, so that I can get my revenge on Giorgio Ciccone, her father and the very man who destroyed my life and murdered my family.

Victoria is the key to getting my revenge. And when the final step of my plan comes into play…I’ll put a fucking bullet right between her father’s eyes.

He’s more heavily guarded than fucking Fort Knox.  And the only way to get to him is through her.  So, I will use his daughter, take what I want and not give a single fuck.

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